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People are annoying to let’s admit that, and they do different stuff on a daily basis that creeps others out more. It is not limited to only a few of us, actually, a lot more than usual people do this more often. You see them doing it on the bus, in metros, in subways or even when you are sitting on a bench in a park. But what are we talking about here? Read more to find out Weird Human Habits:

Peeking Every Now and Then

Peeking Every Now and Then Weird Human Habits

When someone is using their phone publicly, strangers can’t help but take peek. It’s sickening to see a person you probably don’t know have a look at what could be your personal chat with your family or partner.

Avoiding To Give a Favor

Weird Human Habits Avoiding To Give a Favor

It’s common but still, we wonder why people instead of bluntly saying no, make faces and look at their watch. Someone could be in dire need asking for direction or they could be strangers in the city. And it is not just that, people do it everywhere, from offices to school and grocery store. C’mon, if you don’t want to help, can’t you just say no.

Not Cleaning After Yourself and While Ask Others To Do Theirs

Weird Human Habits  Ask Others To Do Theirs

People don’t care when they do something gross. Oh, Superman threw Zod into a building, well he’s fighting evil. What if someone else did the same? Superman would have kicked his back to pulp. If two people are living together and Person A leaves something gross laid out somewhere, Person B will scold. However, Person B would still do the same thing regardless of how angry they were at Person A for doing it in the first place.

Not Socialising and Always Making Excuse

Weird Human Habits Always Making Excuse

Some of the traits are funny yet annoying. Like we have seen many people making petty excuses just to avoid social gatherings. They would always make up some weird shit up like there’ something urgent they need to take care of or they have to complete pending tasks, but in actual what they do is stay at home, do nothing the whole day and watch seasons of House for the 7th time. It does annoy others since they never give time to them and keep it all to themselves.

Cursing Unnecessarily Everywhere

Weird Human Habits Cursing Unnecessarily Everywhere

Some people have developed a habit of saying bad words. No matter the place or time, the third word coming out of their mouth is going to a curse. And the worse part? They wouldn’t shut up even after you have told them multiple times not to use the curse word. And in response to that, they will curse you even more and wouldn’t stop telling you what a douchebag you are for telling him what not to do.

Getting Jealous of Someone’s Progress

Getting Jealous of Someone’s Progress

A lot of times some people feel determination and do something unexpected. Like losing 20 pounds in two months. Now there are people who have been trying to lose weight but couldn’t. So when someone does acquire a leaner body, they get jealous and they will do everything to make others falter their course out of jealousy.

Biting Lips Until It Bleeds

Biting Lips Until It Bleeds

Yeah, it is gross and annoying as well. First, you keep on licking your lips and when it gets chappy you start your next weird course. You know you’re not supposed to bite on your dry lips skin and yet you would. People keep on doing it again and again and then they complain when their lips start bleeding. Weeks Later, they would repeat the process, like why? Didn’t you learn the lesson the first time that you intend on bleeding again and whine some more?

Giving Weird Nicknames to People

Giving Weird Nicknames to People

Have you ever been in the public and gave names to people? Well, if yes, you are one of the potatoes who do so. You see someone with really slim, they are scrawny, a short height person is The Dobby the elf and hairy guy is Chewbacca. It is not nice to call people names, you should not insult a person just because they don’t stand right on your parameters. Imagine if you’re smart and well built but were dumb like ‘Grawp.’

Keeping Your Own Share Aside Before Distributing

In offices mainly, when a person is about to share something (typically eatables) they would keep their share aside first. It is like they are afraid of the items running out and they not getting any. Sharing is good, it says a lot about a person but sharing is a gesture of selflessness as well. And that humbleness goes away when you think of yourself first before putting others.

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Not Replying for Hours and Even Days Sometimes

Alright, not all of us like getting calls. Some of us would rather have texted than to have a telephonic conversation. But what is frustrating even more after their preference is they forget to reply for hours and sometimes days. They read the message, how hard it was to reply? And then you would find them online every frigging hour and they still don’t remember to text you back.

Of course nobody is perfect in this world but how hard it is to admit your flaws and not to annoy others on a daily run. You pick nose and asks others not to do so. Hypocrisy should be left behind and we all must strive to keep others happy. A little annoyance once in a while wouldn’t be so bad either.

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