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» April 24, 2019

People love fictional worlds especially in movies. So, when the JK Rowling had her first book transcripted into movies, it had people go crazy. Given the era, the movie was […]

» April 17, 2019

People are annoying to let’s admit that, and they do different stuff on a daily basis that creeps others out more. It is not limited to only a few of […]

» April 15, 2019

If we humans have shown anything in the previous half dozen nuclear meltdowns, nothing pushes evolution further than a pack of rude people destroying the place up. That’s why a […]

» April 9, 2019

Producing a Dumbest Mistake Hollywood movie franchise is a risky business. Dumbest Mistake Hollywood movie you could wind up with one of the biggest and most amazing cinematic experiences ever […]

» April 5, 2019

Just when you think you have witnessed every peculiar thing in the world, bam! Some even weirder crap hits on in the head. The world is full of bizarre laws, […]

» April 4, 2019

Internet is a fun place, sure. But it can be your nightmare as well if you ask for it. The world wide web, actually social media in particular can be […]